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Low Res Photo

Aug 17, 2017, 3:19

Sometimes, when you're on the go, you just want a smaller photo. Your cell signal isn't very strong, you want to snap and share something unimportant and delete the photo afterwards, or you don't want people on the internet to read notes scattered on your table that you shared on your social network of choice, or maybe you're abroad and want to conserve bandwidth on your tourist SIM card.

iOS will let you resize a photo only when you're sending an email, but don't we share photos on messengers much more often? You can also start an editor, load the photo in it and resize manually to a specific size, then save it to the Camera Roll, go back to Photos.app and share it from there. Sounds a bit tedious.

Low Res Photo is an app with just four buttons: Snap, Select, Save, Share. Yes, “choose” is better, but I want my extra S!

Snap a photo or Select it from the library. Save the smaller version of the selected image or Share its resized version.

There are no size or ratio or scale controls. The image is resized to be 800 px on its largest size, or not resized if it's smaller than that.

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