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The long dark

Aug 17, 2017, 3:38

It's a faux pas to write on your blog about how long you haven't written on the blog. I wonder who taught me manners.

Last time when I stopped publishing for a while was when I took on a new job at Ungert Design. This time it's a new job too, and the break stretched for a year and a half.

Work hasn't become boring, on the contrary, working on WiZ brings some challenges that are worth spending time to solve. It's just time to write again.

I have much to share, I haven't been not writing all this time, it was just not public.

One of the things I practise often is writing down app ideas. If you have your eyes open, there are a lot of them. And I wrote down a lot of them too, the list is now more than a hundred. I have a separate list for apps, but I also write down more general product ideas. Some projects aren't worth a second look, some keep me thinking for months.

I thought that I could share the ideas on the blog as I'm having them, and some of the better ones from the backlog.

The first one is posted, and more will follow under the tag Product Ideas.

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